Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I access the Video Exercise Portal?

To access the Video Portal Registration Page click this link or go to to register. If you experience any problems, just send us a quick email to with subject line: “Video Portal Help” as well as your name to verify your purchase or Click Link at the top of the page.

Q: How do I access the Exercise Video Portal, if I have already registered my email?

To access the Resistance Tube Band Exercise Portal: Click Here to Sign into the Portal.
To access the Resistance Loop Band Exercise Portal: Click Here to Sign into the Portal.


Q: I have lost or misplaced my password. How do I reset my password? 

No need to reset your password, just go to the members area and use the email you purchased your product with. Here is the link to the members area (Click Here)


Q: Do you sell parts of the product separately?

Yes. You can purchase an extra pair of handles here. Unfortunately at this time, we do not sell bands, ankle straps or door anchors separately.

Q: How do I alter my new Jump Rope?

We have prepared a video tutorial for you. Click here to access the page. (